Rio Del Valle Hackford 1970-2022

“Helen and I are both inspired by the life of our son and stepson, Rio Hackford, and heartbroken by his loss.  His life showed us how to live in generosity and community.  He shared his life’s journey with so many who now mourn him, and at the same time, celebrate their fortune in knowing him.  Rio died of uveal melanoma, a very aggressive and rare form of cancer. We would beg everyone reading this to get their eyes tested at least once a year which might save their loved ones from this cancer.” – Taylor Hackford and Helen Mirren

Rio Del Valle Hackford, (born June 28 1970), son of Taylor and Georgie Hackford, step-son to Lynn Littman and Helen Mirren, brother to Alex Hackford, Husband to Libby McLaughlin Hackford, Father of Waylon and Buck Hackford, and great friend to so many, lost a brave and deeply challenging 4-year battle against Uveal Melanoma on April 14, 2022. 

Rio was a well-known figure in several American cities, where he created legendary bars: The Matador, One-Eyed Jacks and Pals in New Orleans, The Monty and The Eldorado in Los Angeles, The Grasshopper in Long Beach, and The Homestead in San Francisco. His extraordinary understanding of design, hospitality, music and generous empathy put him at the centre of an extensive community of friends and patrons who mourn him along with his family. 


“Rio just knew things.  Esoteric things. Off the map things.  Secret things.   Wonderful things.  He knew these things because of his charm, wit, honesty, character & tough personality.  He was a real man in a sea of Poseurs.” – Josh Homme, Queens of the Stone Age

“Rio…a titan of kindness, love, class, courage. And cool. A legend.”  – Renee Zellweger

“As loyal and funny as anyone could be.  Rio was the best ever.  Truly one of a kind.” – Vince Vaughn