National Theatre Fundraiser

Lucian Msamati and Helen at a fundraising reception for the National Theatre hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Cannes. Helen was guest of honour and gave a brief speech and then watched a short performance by Lucian Msamati from the NT production of Amadeus.

Cannes Lions 2017

On Wednesday Helen joined the MD of L’Oreal Paris UK to talk about the initiative between The Princes Trust and L’Oreal to highlight diversity and inclusivity, to help young people with their confidence and self-worth. The session was moderated by Suzanne Powers of McCann worldwide to an audience of top advertising executives from around the…

Jo Cox, More In Common

Inspired by Jo Cox’s belief that we have ‘more in common than that which divides us’, Helen gave her thoughts on what unites us all as a nation ahead of The Great Get Together this weekend (16-18 June 2017) in memory of Jo Cox.

At the British Library seminar discussing ‘Emigres from Russian Revolution’ with Princess Katya Galitzine and Martin Sixsmith

Helen joined a distinguished panel chaired by Martin Sixmith to discuss her Russian family and their exile as part of the British Library exhibition ‘Russian Revolution: Hopes, Tragedy, Myths‘ which is on until 29 July, She recalled her early life living in England with her exiled Russian grandfather and her father who was born there…